R.I.P. Smelly Thing

Previously, at this abode, Smelly Thing, a small plastic clothes rack wrapped in a hair elastic, much beloved of youngest, was lost. Happily, Smelly Thing was soon found in the bowels of the couch during my weekly vacuuming. And Smelly Thing acquired a long yarn string so as to be worn as a necklace and not lost nearly so often.

And all was well.

Until this afternoon when, upon returning from a busy day’s work, with kids in tow, I came upon the scene of Smelly Thing’s demise. One enterprising small dog had nosed her way up onto the couch where Smelly Thing had been left and said dog had utterly rent and torn Smelly Thing and Smelly Thing was no more except for a few bits of plastic and the yarn necklace.

And there was quiet wailing and silent tears and much remorse on the part of youngest. And, lo, her mother attempted to construct a new Smelly Thing of another small plastic toy and hair elastic.

But it was not as good.

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