Why Shopping Sucks

Oh my goodness. If I don’t have to go to a shopping mall again until after Christmas, I could be quite content.

I had to take the girls out today, after school, in search of the elusive snowpants sized to fit big girls. And other unmentionables. And maybe a new parka, since youngest took out the zipper in hers this morning.

Well, it took about an hour but I found two pairs of snowpants in the right size (figured I might as well get eldest a new pair as the last pair I got are not exactly roomy enough for heavy pants underneath or so she told me today — this way we’ll have one spare pair for those days they’re in and out to the snowy yard) and almost all of the required unmentionables. But there was not a decent parka to be found and the thought of dragging the girls through the rest of the mall stores in search of such? Unsupportable. We called it a day, dined early at the McDonalds’ and were home, exhausted, at five.

I’m doing the rest of my holiday shopping online, at the University bookstore or at the grocery store.

One Response to “Why Shopping Sucks”

  1. Kestrel Says:

    I’m doing all my holiday shopping online too, crowds make me to cranky!