Never a waste

Buzz Hargrove, you fatuous ass.

Hargrove said there should be a strong NDP opposition, but urged members to vote Liberal in ridings in which the NDP has no chance of winning.

“Whether you elect a Liberal or an NDP, the overall numbers don’t change in terms of the ability to form a coalition government,” he said. “We’re out to stop the Tories.”

“We’re saying to people don’t waste your vote. Make sure we don’t send any more Tories to Ottawa. We don’t need them.”

A sincere vote is never a wasted vote. And I’ll be damned before I vote for those morally bankrupt politicans known as the Liberal Party of Canada, even if you suggest that it’s the only way to keep the Conservatives from forming the next government. The Liberals will do their damnedest to portray every riding as “at risk” and demand that concerned left-wing voters abandon the NDP to keep those backstabbing Liberals in power one more term.

Here’s a news flash — I’d rather see the CPC form the next government than see our country become a permanent fiefdom of the Liberal backdoor dealers who feel free to hand out government largesse as if it was their own, private kitty. I don’t foresee a situation, at present, where a Conservative majority would come into place and where the socially significant legislation we value can be dismantled. I do foresee that the Liberal party will calcify into a ruling junta if we don’t shake them up and ship them out at some point, soon.

I’m not going to buy the scare tactics of Paul Martin or Buzz Hargrove and vote against my conscience. I cannot and will not vote for the Liberals. Here I stand.

6 Responses to “Never a waste”

  1. wolfangel Says:

    I’m — as always — on the fence about this. I have always voted NDP: it never mattered, in my riding (Trudeau’s old riding, FWIW), and they’re who I prefer (despite liking my Lib MP). However, my new riding is PQ/BQ and Liberal split. And, ok, for a federal vote, it’s not quite so important, but the next provincial one? I don’t want a separatist MP or MNA, and I don’t want one *more* than I don’t want to vote Liberal. At the same time, I do want to vote NDP, but — again, not as much as I don’t want to end up represented by the PQ/BQ.

    And I understand what you’re asying — I admit, I am not unhappy with the idea of a Conservative minority govt — but at the same time, I am so very torn myself.

  2. Ozymandia Says:

    You have to vote how you feel is right. For me, this time, it is Liberal. For you it’s not. I may rant in my LJ, and you may rant here, but at least we’re both doing what we feel right in doing.

    And neither vote is Tory, and that’s good too. ;)

  3. sm Says:

    For me the campaign was over when Stephen Harper said he’d revisit the gay marriage issue.

    More people in prison came after that…

    You are quite right that Hargrove is a fatuous ass, though. He just lost the Parliament of his dreams. Goof.

  4. ancarett Says:

    Yes, I’m pleased that everyone here is putting thought into their votes, no matter for whom you’re voting.

    I just get all irate when someone tells me that I shouldn’t vote the way I feel is right for some plan of their own devising. . . .

  5. mjones Says:

    I’m with you, Ancarett. Though I think if Harper got in I’d move to the States. No, wait …

    I mean, Norway.

  6. TonyGuitar Says:

    Here’s realism for you. You may find it more difficult to believe than somefiction. You enjoy a freedom that is very rare in the rest of the world today. Taking part in politics and casting a vote is the best thing you can do for both of us. It’s anything else but Needless!

    How stupid do They think we Canadians are? Handguns are already effectivly banned. When the police hear of a hand gun… any handgun, they swarm.

    What more can legislation do? Huummpff!

    Canadian Liberals put up a valiant struggle, however….

    Liberal Party, = Canada’s miracle! Is it magic that a political party can be up to it’s armpits in quicksand and still have real hopes of winning an election?

    Or, is it simply that 98% of Canadian voters are absolutly asleep at the wheel?

    Even Buzz Hargrove may not be aware of the over 200 rip-off scams by the Chretien and Martin Libranos governments.

    What branch of organized crime does Buzz belong to anyway? A Martinite?…Amazing! Payola? C’mon Paulie, fess up. What island off Barbados are you giving to Buzz?