St. Lucia

Today’s Saint Lucia’s Day, a holiday beloved in the Scandinavian tradition. Since my mother was Norwegian and my father had been raised in a Norwegian-dominated town, we really absorbed the story.

What I didn’t realize until I was in graduate school was how widespread and diverse were the celebrations of Saint Lucia. Obviously, in Italy, she’s widely revered as one of the early martyrs but her fame continued to grow in the early modern period. Of course, in Sweden and Norway her feast day is still an excuse for lovely baked goods and some beautiful dress-up for young girls.

Here? Well, not much. It’s been a busy day. But maybe I’ll tell the girls some stories about the celebrations or share Donne’s poem.

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    I don’t know what the ettiquette of announcing a new blog is, but I think Ancarett will be interested in “Muhlberger’s Early History” at, and maybe some of her readers will be, too.