Damnable Distractions

So, my last course outline for the January term is complete. (Memo to self: email the graduate students their copies so that they can get a headstart on their readings.) Even when I’ve taught the course before (as in one case), it’s a fair bit of work because they’re always seismic shifts in the schedule (gain a class session? lose a class session? reading week falls at an awkward moment) and there are topics you need to totally rework.

I spent some time this morning, in and around marking, timing videos so I know how long my graduate TA will be in the majors’ class, showing the five film selections I’ve scheduled and running their tutorial discussion groups while I’m busy teaching the tail end of my graduate student seminar down the hallway. As well, I threw out two tutorial segments I’d despised, researched some new readings and got that all uploaded on WebCT. Students will be upset, I know, that I retained the 57 page-long article on the historiography of crime but I’m not in this to make them happy: I’m in this to educate them.

But now? Back to the marking. Prepare to see the pages marked counter roll over into the three thousands very, very shortly!

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