Typepad Teething Pains

I’ve long been a fan of the services bundled together under SixApart. This blog used to run under Movable Type until I had to switch Wordpress (MT wouldn’t work on my new host’s Windows servers). When they acquired Livejournal, I watched with some trepidation, but was impressed to see that they didn’t wrench that freewheeling community out of focus — instead, investing more energy and effort into that service.

But with three major web services under one roof, you can expect some growing pains. I have many friends who run their blogs on Typepad and I even have a user account there. Today, I noticed that many of the blogs were displaying posts from a week ago and I couldn’t log into the service. A quick check of the news brought up an article at Netcraft highlighting some current problems at Typepad and also at Bloglines. In some ways, they’re both victims of their own success, but that’s small comfort to people watching their posts disappear!

Keep the Status Page bookmarked for full updates. 10pm EST Note: Typepad’s back up, have at, my friends.

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