Narnia Reaction and Happy Bunny Meme

I know: what a juxtaposition!

First: I did quite enjoy Narnia, despite the misgivings some have expressed about the series and the movie’s marketing connexions. There were parts that threw me: Father Christmas didn’t immediately register as such for me and the young actress who played Lucy seemed to express sorrow and joy with the same wide smile (tears being the only sure way to tell one expression from the other). I thought that Peter (William Moseley) really carried the movie but a great deal of credit also goes to the amazing CGI bringing Aslan and the other creatures of Narnia to life. There were perfect deliveries of important lines (most particularly, “not a tame lion”). The coda with the professor and Lucy was wonderfully satisfying — it shouldn’t have been hidden behind half the credits! All in all, I’m left eager to hear what comes of Prince Caspian: I’m sure as this installment’s done so well that we’re sure to see more.

hi, loser.

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One Response to “Narnia Reaction and Happy Bunny Meme”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I liked it, too, actually. I have a thing for Tilda Swinton.