Don’t You Dare!

A professor in PEI wanted to drive students away from his oversubscribed course. His solution? Promise a B- to anyone who’d pay their course fee and promise not to attend.

Fortunately, the administration isn’t going along with the plan.

And I have no sympathy for him because teaching and evaluating a hundred students in one class? It can be done (I know — remember my last term?). However, if you think it can’t, you get the department or the registrar to enforce enrollment caps.

9 Responses to “Don’t You Dare!”

  1. Bardiac Says:

    Wow… I have no words. Well, doh, of course I have words. They just aren’t going to be especially coherent.

    It’s this kind of behavior that makes tax payers resent the rest of us who actually have ethics.

    Nice catch.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I agree with Bardiac. I wonder, however, if he’s not allowed to set an enrollment cap and this was his way of getting back at people. I’m consistently angy at my dept’s tendency to try to sneak an extra 5 people in what should be a 12- 15 person seminar, you know?

  3. USJogger Says:

    If I ever get to the point where I’m satisfied that my students are getting a grade in my course without learning anything, just shoot me.


  4. Another Damned Medievalist Says:

    The mind boggles. And *I* don’t have a permanent job yet. *sigh*

    /end “it’s all about me” moment

  5. sm Says:

    An additional factor worth pondering is that this prof is retired and is coming back to teach this course part-time. His BS tolerance is probably pretty low and I’m willing to speculate that this is not the first time he’s fought with his administration over class sizes.

  6. ancarett Says:

    Yes, sm, but the response still has to be find another way to “gate keep” if you feel that you’ve got too many students. Even if he later insists he was “just joking” in this ploy, the damage has been done.

    I’m sure that people will be throwing this anecdote in my face for years as further proof of why academics are overpaid, underworked and useless.

  7. Another Damned Medievalist Says:

    Whatever happened to the traditional gatekeeping means of a very meaty syllabus and a couple of nasty reading assignments in the first couple of days?

  8. Pat Srebrnik Says:

    Several letters concerning what has become known as “WealeGate” or “The Weale Deal” were published in the Charlottetown,PEI “Guardian.”
    Here are some of the links (go to just one, and you can access all the others, in a list that appears at the bottom of the page):

    My own letter:

    Tip: to find much more, Google “David Weale” +2006.

  9. ancarett Says:

    Pat, thanks for the links!