Organizational options

I’m juggling too many projects at the same time and my briefcase is now filled with brightly coloured file folders (one for each project on the go). Each contains at least a bibliography along with a few articles printed off of the databases and, in two cases, fairly complete drafts of the work in question. My thumb drive has corresponding folders with the PDF files and all the other material for each project in question. This organization’s helpful as a raft of interlibrary loans for the various projects are now arriving. My desk is piled high with stacks of books I have to work through and move along or soon I won’t be able to see the students who come to my office.

I’m trying to work on one or two things at a time but it’s difficult not to get distracted by a new book coming in for paper A while I’m outlining paper B and trying to get back to the editing of paper C. And there’s always teaching work (preps, student visits, marking) to fill the time. And we can’t forget those meetings!

So, February 6th? Department seminar to give on work in progress. (Hah! Who has just one thing in progress? Not me!). Let’s hope the all-important interlibrary loan I ordered today comes in before then! And that I can get what I want from the book that’s inexplicably tucked away in our rare books/archive section (inexplicably, I say, for it’s a 1960 edition of a turn-of-the-century journal) — have to work around the hours they’re open. Then February 12th? My OBO symposium blog post’s due. Then March 1st? Three encyclopedia articles.

2 Responses to “Organizational options”

  1. Another Damned Medievalist Says:

    Woohoo! Way to be scary-busy! Feel free to share on the work blog ;-)

  2. senioritis Says:

    You warm my heart. I am so glad to know I’m not the only maniac who works on ten things at once. But are you always behind on all of them? I am!