Spring *hah* Break *hah*

Well, we don’t really call it spring break here. It’s Reading Week, and a good thing, too, as we’re halfway through the term and my students have lots of reading to do. And it’s not as if the weather (another 30 cm of snow last night!) is even remotely springlike. We have drifts all over and the snow piles, streetside, could rival Olympic basketball players in their dizzying heights.

I have a fair bit of marking to work through with assignments handed in from every class as well as three senior projects I’m reading as a committee member (two down, one to go). I’m finishing one bunch of marking at the moment, so I’ll soon revise the numbers on my sidebar counter to reflect that, but writing’s the first priority. There are two short articles to complete for the encyclopedia and revisions to an article I want to submit to a journal. So after the last of the current pile of projects are marked, it’s back to writing for me.

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