Second Article Underway

I’m working on my second article for the encyclopedia. Of course, I left at the office one of the books I’d wanted to consult for this topicand it’s Founder’s Day so everything’s closed tight but, no matter!, I’ll write around that part. I expect I’ll find the limit of 750 words on this subject more than a bit frustrating as I tinker with different ways of organizing the material, in brief. Very, very brief!

In other news, a parade of trucks has been parked up and down our street. This should mean that they’ll be loading them up and trucking away some of the huge piles of snow that choke the roadways down to near impassability and which have caused us to start reversing into our mid-hillside driveway (no mean feat!) in order to give the driver a fighting chance of spying any traffic coming along the street as one tries to pull out. Wish us luck that they actually cart away the snow in our stretch of street!

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