Snow Go!

The DSC00581city’s doing a good job — the last few days we’ve had work crews crawling through the neighbourhood hauling away the snowbanks. It’s a bigger job than it sounds, involving a team of snowplows to tear away the bank, a monster snowblower that pulverizes these piles and torso-sized chunks and shoots them into an endless stream of tractor-trailers.

They’ve come along for four passes on our street so far today and, as a result, we no longer have snowbanks ranging from waist to head-high encroaching from the sidewalk well into the street. There’s actually enough room for two cars to pass, comfortably, which is a relief since the last few days I’ve been figuring I’d lose a mirror with the close calls we’ve been having.

Now, let us hope that we don’t get any more over-the-top snowfalls of 30-40 cm and, when spring finally comes at the end of April, we’re not buried under the melt from everything else that’s left.

2 Responses to “Snow Go!”

  1. Snead Says:

    This is not the time to tell you I have the air conditioning on because it’s so stuffy here in Florida?

  2. ancarett Says:

    No, Snead. Definitely NOT the time to tell me that. Grrrrr!