Calm Between Storms

I went into the office today for the first time in, what?, a week?

Yes, between sickness, snowstorms and holidays (Monday was Founder’s Day and the entire university was closed down), there wasn’t much point in going into the department. Not that anyone missed me; I love WebCT for keeping me in contact with students. Which reminds me: use the WebCT mail interface to inform the second-year students who handed in hardcopies of their project marks.

Went over schedules for interviews — we’re bringing in candidates next month and one of them will be cursed fortunate enough to teach a slot in my evening class. I am going to be so damned far off of schedule in that one class thanks to blizzards, illness and special events. It’s a good thing I’d slotted in several hours of video which can be sacrificed to get us back up to speed (that’s if no other disasters intervene). It’s worthwhile, in this case, since the student experience and interaction with the candidate is a great way to evaluate their promise as a teacher (still a critical part of our program).

And, in other news, I’m preparing for my own interesting trip next month. No, no job interview for me (not many places for a slightly behind-the-curve publication-wise associate professor to move to). I get to have more fun as one of the external examiners involved in another university’s undergraduate program review. Colour me excited! These activities are literally in my blood (second generation academic) and I’m happily anticipating learning as well as giving the other department and institution any helpful insights I can muster.

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