Goodbye to Free Time

I can’t put it off any longer. I’m going to spend a fair chunk of the next ten weeks preparing our graduate program appraisal self-study. The by-laws governing the appraisal are 129 PDF pages long. The template for the self-study documents, waiting to be filled in and augmented with all our material, is thirty-one pages and I’m sure that, not counting the CVs, we’ll easily be over another hundred there. Easily!

This is the third one of these self-study documents I’ve worked on and the second that I’ve prepared largely with the department secretary’s assistance and a few asides from the graduate committee. Maybe I’ll see if I can get that last group a little bit more involved in this go-round?

Yeah, just like people are jumping all over themselves to rewrite the undergraduate and graduate program pages on our departmental website!

2 Responses to “Goodbye to Free Time”

  1. Dad Says:

    Let’s see 129 pages of instruction that no one will ever read. That is followed by a 500 + page self-study that REALLY no one will ever read! That is how not to do reviews!

  2. ancarett Says:

    Well, some of the self-study will be read if they actually send external examiners to review the program. If you recollect, two appraisals ago they just accepted the self-study and didn’t do anything more; last one they sent examiners but they did that for every history program in the province.

    What’s probably evil to say is that it might be easier not to deal with external examiners visiting because I’d like the self-study to help generate some more energy and ideas, especially from the newer faculty members and I’m afraid that if we get all wrapped up in the externals, that won’t happen.