Addicted to Abe(books)

That’s a terribly dangerous site for scholars, you know. Even more tempting than Amazon (which I love truly and deeply). Because at Abebooks you find all sorts of long-out-of-print books or just obscure texts that you could really, really, use. Look! For $11.50USD, including shipping, I won’t have to go down to the archives again and deal with their lack of proper book stands and bookweights and non-existent hours of access in order to reread a late Victorian book I’m using in my research! I got the entire series of The Lisle Letters, unabridged and pretty cheap. (I see the set selling for less than $100USD in some cases.) And the list goes on and on and on.

This time I limited myself to four books. Wasn’t I good?

3 Responses to “Addicted to Abe(books)”

  1. Laura Says:

    God, I know! And I get email updates from them too.

  2. Academic Coach Says:

    Thanks so much for this (dangerous) tip. I’d never even heard of them.

  3. sharon Says: is even more dangerous. It searches ABEBooks, Amazon and a bunch of other sites and it offers the choice of new *and* used copies. I am a weak, weak sinner.