Clean Desk

To commemorate this momentous occasion:

Look at my lovely clean desk in my lovely office. Well, ignore the one old poster that’s above the computer desk and sadly falling down. It will soon be replaced by a lovelier, framed poster that will look much nicer. Notice there’s no pile of paper on the desk or the scanner. Notice that there’s no piles overflowing the inbox or the vertical files!



See, not only the big desk is clean, but the computer desk’s pretty darned tidy too and the inbox is appropriately positioned with only a single letter of reference form waiting to be filled in tomorrow and a single senior project to be defended the week following.

2 Responses to “Clean Desk”

  1. Bardiac Says:

    Man, that just… leaves me near speechless. Want to come try to dig through my office?

  2. sm Says:

    I too felt compelled to show off my clean office for the two or three days that it was clean.