Taking Sides

We’re embarking on a new home improvement scheme: installing siding. The stucco exterior of our house is actually in good shape, very good shape!, for a 1940s era abode. But where the old attached garage used to be are a lot of gouges and breakage, even more so around the basement entry door whose frame seems to have been hacked into the foundation by a drunk with a sledgehammer.

Siding gives us a chance to add more insulation (R6 value) as well as cleaning up the exterior appearance enormously. Plus, we’ll finally get that pesky bedroom closet window replaced with a decently insulated model (I know, I know! It’s always been a closet so what were they thinking?). From the outside, things won’t change all that much, in many ways. We’re mimicking the original colours of the house in this makeover, a golden ivory siding with colonial red trim.

So some point in the next two weeks the contractor and his team will arrive to begin the strapping, the installation and the finishing. It’ll be a noisy while, I’m sure, and the dogs will probably have a tough time getting any rest with all the exciting people around. But the results will be worth it, especially when next year’s heating bills come in.. And I promise to post pictures when they’re all done!

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