Took youngest for her hip x-rays today and, wonder of wonders!, we were in and out within forty-five minutes. The technologist was absolutely wonderful, talked with youngest, blown away by her questions about the radiation effects, brought us over to the lightboard afterwards and explained what we saw in some of the x-rays. Now youngest is educating her EAs at school about growth plates and how they work. As an extra bonus, we were told that a radiologist is up from Sick Kids this week and he’ll be interpreting the image, so we know there’s a highly trained eye brought into play as well as the trustworthy input from her paediatrician and GP.

We should hear back from the doctor’s office if there’s anything in the pictures that might lead to her toe-walking. If not, then it looks like a classic case of ASD leading to the problem which’ll let her doctors call in the PT people from CTC for some more help. And, after a lengthy phone intake interview, in a few more weeks I’ll have my appointment with CCN to get youngest re-processed for the CCR so that she can get a PA so that she can attend the YMCA summer day camp.

And, yes, I enjoyed that last paragraph stuffed full of acronyms. Key: ASD is autism spectrum disorder, PT is physiotherapy, CTC is the Children’s Treatment Centre which provides all sorts of therapy services for kids, CCN is the Children’s Community Network that coordinates provincially funded child care agencies, CCR is Child Care Resources which provides actual services for autistic children, PA is a personal assistant and, hopefully, you know what the YMCA stands for.

Now, back to my writing!

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  1. Laura Says:

    All the new acronyms I’ve learned in the past year:


    I need a decoder ring for all this special ed stuff.

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    […] So, today we had our intake interview with the CCN regarding youngest. The good news? She’s eligible and her files will be processed without delay. The bad news? Even with all of that, nothing will come together in time for her to sign up for the drama day camp at the Y. […]