Off my plate

I pushed several things out the door today and it felt good. Some of them took surprisingly long, however. I really have to remind myself that reviewing over what is even a very good student’s senior project proposal can eat up several hours (in this case, three) coming up with ways to winnow down his overwhelming ambition and, at the same time, patch up the holes in his bibliography. On the upside, however, it gave me an excuse to go fishing in my microfilm drawer and pull out a few reels, confirming what I did and didn’t have on hand. (Good news? I do have that early Tudor draft codification of the land law on microfilm. Bad news? It’s in Latin and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read the language, at least not yet!)

I’m adapting some of the techniques from Getting Things Done to my life and it’s helping. Getting as many things possible out of my head and out of my office as quickly as possible is one of those techniques — if it can be dealt with in two minutes, dealing with it when it comes up is a better use of time then putting it away only to deal with it later. And I’m also breaking up the larger projects into smaller bites: the easier to accomplish, my dear! It’s also helping reduce my anxiety levels, if only a little.

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