Missing Out

Also known as “Ancarett plans to do bugger all around the department office next month” to make up for what I’m missing out. Right now, I’m stuck, nose to grindstone, working on this damnable report, detailing such thrilling issues as:

[Describe the general arrangements that exist in the academic unit to foster the development of graduate students, and quality of the graduate learning experience. See appraisal guidelines for more detail]

[Comment on the relationship of the graduate curriculum and program requirements to the program’s objectives]

[Comment on nature of the learning community, and structured opportunities for meaningful intellectual interaction among students, and with faculty – e.g. departmental seminars where faculty and student research is presented and discussed; invited speakers; workshops on research ethics, safety regulations, grant and award applications, career planning, etc.]

Because of this, I’m missing out on what promises to be a very interesting video-conference of a presentation down at the medical school on autopsies in the early modern period. Yup, one of a handful of people on this campus who’d actually have the historical background to appreciate the talk will not be going because she’s busy writing platitudes about the graduate program and updating the departmental website handcoding a whole bunch of és and às into the page.

Some days just suck.

One Response to “Missing Out”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Sorry kiddo. That video presentation sounds like it would be REALLY interesting. Will they video tape it for you?