One step forward

So, today we had our intake interview with the CCN regarding youngest. The good news? She’s eligible and her files will be processed without delay. The bad news? Even with all of that, nothing will come together in time for her to sign up for the drama day camp at the Y.

It’s discouraging: this was the first “normal” camp in which she could participate and for which she showed an interest (we won’t talk about the space camp dreams or her ambitions to go to sleepover camp). And we started asking around as soon as we heard of this camp, but it wasn’t soon enough.

They did offer some other options, including the possibility of a week long camp run by the CCR, but we’re pretty well screwed. Her regular summer day camp is now filled up (she’s fourth on the waiting list but that’s not very promising). We’ve signed her up for an integrated playground which accomodates special needs children whose requirements aren’t so severe as would mandate a placement at her regular summer camp: now let’s hope that the program administrators agree it’s a suitable placement for her.

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