May snow?

The precipitation outside our windows this morning is white and fluffy.

That’s simply unfair!

3 Responses to “May snow?”

  1. Tabitha Grimalkin Says:

    Yeah, that is pretty icky! I’m in the west and we haven’t had a May snowstorm this year, but I am all too familiar with the experience!

  2. Barbara Says:

    Sorry sis, but when you live that far north them’s the breaks. If it makes you feel better, we haven’t seen 80F yet this month! No getting tomatoes out in the field next week for us.

  3. Dad Says:

    That is the way of the world. I do recall growing up that we did not plant in Mom’s garden until late May or June. That was the same latitude as you are now so I guess the world still goes the same as it did back in the “dark ages”.