Cleared the decks

Despite freezing temperatures in the office, I pushed through the last two days and left a 50 page manuscript ready and waiting for tables to be inserted: the self-study report is complete! Well, except for the dean’s changes, whatever the committee decides to tweak and allowing for whatever whimsical changes come down the pike in my absence.

Because I am so out of here: down south to the land of in-laws who’ll pamper the girls while we zoom in and out, to a play, dinner out and the all-important conference. I’ve never headed off to a conference with so little time to think about getting ready. Good thing I finished my paper for it last month! Even better that I printed it out yesterday so I can review it and present it in the fifteen minutes allotted to me on Monday.

So, expect posting to be light for the next week: I’ll be on dial-up access, at best, and away from the computer far more than I’ll be at it. I wish you all a happy and fun Memorial Day weekend!

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