Car keys? Where are you?

Lost, sometime between four p.m. last night and eight this morning, my car key. It sits on its own keychain and resides either in my purse or in my pocket. It being in neither of those places, nor on my dresser, nor on the counters, nor on my desk, appears to be well and truly lost.


2 Responses to “Car keys? Where are you?”

  1. Ozymandia Says:

    Please don’t hate me, but did you check the car and the driveway?

  2. ancarett Says:

    I don’t hate you — in fact, that was my first impulse and I went over them both thoroughly. I can remember fumbling them in my hand outside the car door when I was putting Ozzie’s collar on him after our return from the kennel. Then locking the door with them. Then that’s it!

    Argh! Maddening! We’re buying a new club (steering wheel lock) today just to make sure that if I did lose them outside that nobody can make off with the car.