Catch 22

As an academic, Catch 22 is spending your summer in any or all of the following ways:

  • extolling the virtues of your colleagues’ research and funding for the same in various reports while yours languishes
  • chasing down and securing candidates for all sorts of jobs, large and small, all the while knowing that their hiring will not ease your own workload even a little bit
  • writing copy for scores of new pages for the departmental website to comply with a sudden and arbitrary institutional deadline when you should really be writing up your research
  • having five weeks of paid vacation and knowing that, at best, you’ll be taking three of those weeks in order to deal with all of the above and your preparations for the autumn

4 Responses to “Catch 22”

  1. Barbara Says:

    So, what are all of your colleagues doing? Why not do your thing and let them deal with the minutia for awhile?

    Not trying to be mean, sis, but you would tell me the same thing!

  2. Ricki Says:

    Tsk tsk Barbara! You, of all people, should know how she is! She’s one of “those”! You know the type - sees something that needs done, and actually DOES something about it. She would be a guilt-ridden mess if she didn’t feel she were doing her part.

  3. Barbara Says:

    Ah yes, but I would be a guilt ridden sister, if I didn’t tell her to let them carry the load.

  4. Ricki Says:

    True… sometimes one has to talk to a brick wall just for their own piece of mind, I suppose