The small rain

Took youngest for a walk around the neighbourhood with a stop at the corner store as a carrot. Her sister is out at a friend’s house, working on the final school project of the term. Summer holidays will soon be on us. But today felt in the way of a holiday — I’m keeping cool and quiet, puttering around the house, tidying the bedroom, my desk and the kitchen.

A few, fat raindrops sing against the windowpanes out front, then fade quietly. Far away, I hear the faint hum of a power tool. Closer by, Ozzie snores. I have to wash some dishes but I’m loathe to disturb the serenity.

3 Responses to “The small rain”

  1. Ozymandia Says:

    OK, I have read this 3 times, and my inner English major has to know… as a carrot?

  2. ancarett Says:

    Yes! As a reward, i.e. as a carrot to a horse?

    Doesn’t anyone grow up in a barn any more?


  3. Ozymandia Says:

    Ahhh, I see. Apparently I shouldn’t read metaphors after staring at mortgage paperwork for an hour. *grin*