Fridge Redux

We bought a new refrigerator this afternoon for Tuesday delivery — neither of the two I’d linked, but a third one, a Maytag, we saw only at the store, not in their online inventory. It had a good price and I’d seen some good reviews of the line elsewhere online — frankly, the shelves were what sold me on the model over the Frigidaire we’d considered as they’re supported all the way along each side and not cantilevered. (Growing autistic children who don’t know their own strength do not do well with cantilevered shelves, just so’s you know.)

Here’s the closest link I can find for it — it’s not this exact model but it’s in the line: Maytag Top Freezer Refrigerator.

Now I have to clean off and out the old fridge for Tuesday morning. What fun, eh? At least it’s still holding on, mostly on the strength of the freezer compartment, I figure, but whatever works.

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