Hole in the Wall

There’s a hole in the wall of our corridor at the university. That was a bit of surprise.

No, it wasn’t left by the recent storm (which did inflict horrific damage across the region). It’s deliberate. They’re turning a classroom down the hall into three offices. Which is nice but there’s a problem — the memo that circulated regarding the classroom/office transformation specified that this would happen with another set of classrooms in the building. The classroom down the hall they’ve gutted? We’ve got classes scheduled in there for the fall. Yikes!

And the people who are responsible for these decisions? They’re all off on vacation and no one seems to know what’s going on.

Worst of all, we have an orphan office on the floor above which is used for grad students’ office hours. If they’re going to build a new office in our section of the building, we want that orphan office reunited with the rest of our department. But it’s going to be just me trying to figure these things out as our secretary heads off on vacation and our chair’s on holiday until the end of the month. Double yikes!

2 Responses to “Hole in the Wall”

  1. Anxious Insider Says:

    There was a hole in the wall in a classroom I taught in last semester–it opened up to the outside…by the end of the semester, they were gutting the whole rest of the building on this floor…But at lesat I didn’t have to deal with the admin side of it. Lots of sympathy here.

  2. Another Damned Medievalist Says:

    Well, I was just assigned a new office (not that it’s ready, either) because the refurbishing being done in a dorm/new faculty office building is taking months and months longer than it should …