Cunning Parenting

My children are picky eaters. This is something which is totally unfair since I was the original veggie child. Neither of my kids will willingly ingest a vegetable. There are a few fruits they’ll eat. Otherwise, it’s pretty well breaded chicken and a variety of starches.


So one of my summer projects is to stealthily encourage youngest to broaden her dietary horizons while she’s home with no daycamp. I loaded her down with some cookbooks she’s previously admired for their fun cartoons (the Looneyspoons series) and encouraged her to pick out recipes for a dinner we’ll serve the family later this week. And she did! She’s been very eager to work on these, though I had to closely supervise her work. So far we’ve made baked cheesy pita wedges (”Bewedged”) and “J.Lo Pudding” (a low-fat chocolate pudding). Tomorrow we prepare the main course, “Acropolis Sandwiches” wherein we’ll see if cooking for yourself is enough to get her to knowingly ingest a vegetable or two.

3 Responses to “Cunning Parenting”

  1. Gareth Says:

    We have managed to force some fresh fruit into Little Nutter. Granted, we do it with an ice-cream maker and a smoothie maker, but it works…

    Our two NT kids will happily gorge themselves stupid on steamed veg.

  2. Another Damned Medievalist Says:

    This not liking of veg I do not get. Except that I could happily just each starchy things. Noodles and parmesan …. mmmmm! And then, every time I eat a ton of veg, I think … I like veggies. Why don’t I eat them? Probably I do eat more than the average person.

  3. mjones Says:

    Good luck with that! I have more or less given up on the Jinker Boy, as long as he keeps eating fruit. On the plus side, he does not have my sweet tooth.