Early Bird

So, I have to admit to myself that I’m as finished as I can be with the senior seminar course manual. I have 48 seminar presentation topics which should suffice for the, *gulp*, 38 students enrolled.

So now I have to knuckle down to updating and entering material for each course in WebCT. That means reviewing and revising all of my powerpoint slides, inputting material to the calendar, uploading copies of the reading, prestructuring the discussions, double-checking the assignments, etc., etc. Other than that, I’m pretty well ready for the start of term.

Classes don’t start until 6 September and I’m hoping if I put three days aside for this work I’ll be able to devote most of the remainder of the month to my academic writing. There’s one article that’s this close to completion and it would be great to send it out before the start of term!

2 Responses to “Early Bird”

  1. Barbara Says:

    You go girl! Will you use one day for updating each course on WebCT? Then if you get done early each day will you have play time?

  2. ancarett Says:

    That’s a good plan. I think I can pretty well follow it though we’re going to take youngest over to Dynamic Earth in a few minutes for a treat. Then I can finish the first year WebCT revisions today before moving onto the second year tomorrow and so forth. . . .