Good Enough

Western Civ’s WebCT material is updated. The calendar’s entered. The assignments are ready. The help section’s updated with new and improved FAQs. The conditional release dates on the Powerpoint slides are all specified (though I will go back through all of those one more time to make sure I’m happy with them and to eliminate the out-of-date announcements from last year).

I could tinker some more but, dang!, I don’t want to blow the rest of the month on course preps. Tomorrow I’ll do the same for the Ancient Near East revisions and then on Monday I can finish up the senior seminar (enrollment’s dropped back to 37!). And all my course preps will be done before the secretary wants the outlines to go to reproduction. (Outlines are done, already!)

In other news, we took youngest to Dynamic Earth this morning. She spent the entire time romping through the kids’ mining play area and clambering around the outdoor playground. Happy kid!

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