Yesterday evening, youngest was tearful. Literally. She didn’t know why, but she cried for about an hour, speaking in a mournful voice, crumpling her Kleenex. I did my best to distract her and cheer her up, phoning up my family for her to talk to, pulling out the baby photos for her to chortle over, tickling her on the bed and chatting outrageously about silly things. Throughout it all, she sniffled, eyes red-rimmed.

I don’t think it was anything I did, but after an hour, she noticed she was no longer crying. That’s good enough for me. I drew her a bubble bath and let her revel in feeling cheerful again.

One Response to “Inchoate”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Glad to hear she is feeling better. Tell her Auntie B has ordered her costume and it should be in WV next week. Now on to ordering costume for eldest.