Booking Up

My calendar is overflowing for next week. Not coincidentally, that is the week before classes begin. So far I have five meetings on two days and I know there will be a few more requests lobbed my way before Monday. Such is the academic life — we all go our ways for so much of the summer months, doing research in the archives or squeezing in those vacation days, that when it comes time for term to start, we have a lot of catching up to do.

Sadly, I cannot even complain that these are timewasters. Most of the events on my schedule are fairly important — beginning with a department meeting to kick off what will be a very busy year in terms of teaching and administration; a graduate committee meeting for much of the same; another events committee which needs to hammer out details for a week of special talks and two separate student orientations to get through.

In between all of that, I need to take the girls shopping for new shoes and a few bits of back-to-school clothing. And make sure that my wardrobe is ready for the start of term as well. When I look at it from that perspective, my schedule is booking up, indeed!

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