Fandom Boomerang

Eldest went off on a sleepover and, phoning to say goodnight, blithely informed us that she was in the middle of a Buffy marathon.

Cue my mild surprise. BtVS has got to be one of the few fannish TV shows we’ve never watched (the timing was wrong, with the series debuting during those years we were more engrossed in getting our kids to really, truly go to sleep than anything else) and, to be honest, we’ve both cherished the absolutely cheesy Buffy movie and been unwilling to displace those fond memories with these novelties.

Well, now she’s home with the entirety of season one on DVD. Guess I’m going to deal with those novelties, one way or the other.

5 Responses to “Fandom Boomerang”

  1. wolfa Says:

    Oh, oh, you are so lucky to be getting to watch it all new. (Though I guess it’s harder when you know the generalities of what happened.)

    I am actually rewatching it now (highly amused by how high-waisted all the pants are), and it is so good. So so good. Nothing like the movie, though, so you should be able to keep them separate.

  2. profgrrrrrl Says:

    I was a Buffy resister for a long time … but it was good, all good. You’ll enjoy it.

  3. What Now? Says:

    Oh, Ancarett, you’re in for such a lovely adventure. Enjoy!

  4. Henry Troup Says:

    I participated in a Buffy musical singalong at the Toronto worldcon. Our then 15-year-old niece kept trying to fill in background, as she didn’t expect adults to have watched the show regularly.

    BtVS was once cited as the most realistic show about teenage life on TV, you know!

  5. sm Says:

    Get it on DVD w/o the ads and give it a try. If you like wit, and I know you do.

    Actually the first season and a half of Angel is really good, too.

    And this from someone who’s never been into vampire fiction or mythology. Dracula was OK, I guess.