This is Eldest

And now, for a guest post:

from meeee i am this so called eldest. iam in 6th grade what a drag. everyone is maturing. it really sucks. and my friends seen in my birthday picture are crazy but my other freind is even crazier.
so schools a drag i can’t call my freind cause she is busy 24/7. and we have a new kid a boy five boys in my class. seriously thats a sad lot of them. come on none of them are nice and sensitive there all jerks whoi listen to stupid mm something plus they swear alot and are all together stupid. and in my class there is a towering 17 girls. but it’s creepy there are like fifty grade five boys and like six girls. so i am not always what my mom says i am do not beleive everything she says about me. like she says i relax on the couch when i am so exiceted for school i could barely move.
well this is from eldest i’m out.

4 Responses to “This is Eldest”

  1. Barbara Says:


    Your nana would turn over in her grave with your lack of correct grammar and punctuation! Get with it girl! You have great things to say but is hard to read.

    Hugs and kisses,

    Auntie B

  2. Chaser Says:

    Hi eldest!

    Now you mention it, I didn’t much care for 6th grade myself.

  3. sm Says:

    Why the big difference in #s of boys and girls?

  4. ancarett Says:

    Answering on eldest’s behalf whose nose has been buried in a book for much of the day. Barbara, you’re right! Thanks, Chaser and SM? I really don’t know but there were more boys in the class group in JK who left by SK, leading us to believe they were having difficulties with the immersion or were always intending to switch to the Catholic board which has no JK.