Over the Rainbow

This DSC00704 was in the sky as we returned from picking Mike up for his dinner break. I had to run back into the house for my camera, at which point the colours were already fading and you could no longer see the double rainbow which had been clearly visible during the car ride.

It’s been a good day. An exhausting day but a good day. I taught my graduate students (my part time, long-distance student was home with her sick son so I ran the WebCT chatroom and translated the information back and forth between the physical and virtual classrooms), I taught my ancient civilizations class, I gave my paper to the department seminar and I collapsed in my office after what amounted to almost four and a half hours in teaching mode.

Thanks to Mike for fetching me a healthy service of yogurt and fruit to revive me — I was able to finish some more work, bask in my colleagues’ praise and have a pleasant, if occasionally rainy afternoon evening with my girls.

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