Somewhat Sucky

Wednesdays feel that way, even though I don’t start teaching until 11:30 today. It’s the coming back and teaching a three hour night class that sucks. Especially when Thursday starts early with back to back class and teaching.

And I still have tutorial responses to hand back tomorrow to mark.

And my French class to prep for.

And youngest stayed up in bed reading so late she made herself sick to the stomach and threw up in my hand.

I think that officially qualifies as sucky, no?

4 Responses to “Somewhat Sucky”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Definately sucky, sis. My Wed wasn’t much better. Hopefully Thursday or Friday will be better.

  2. New Kid on the Hallway Says:

    Oh, yes… that definitely sounds sucky!

  3. Ricki Says:

    Vomit in the hand, especially when not one’s own, is a free pass to “Suckyville”.

  4. Another Damned Medievalist Says:

    Joy. I hope this week’s better.