That’s Cylons Battlestar Galactica for you sad folks who aren’t clued into the best thing to hit TV since colour. If you’re already clued in, you know all about why you should care about New Caprica and the Resistance, the tensions between the commander and the admiral and all the rest. Space opera it’s not and it also avoids the kiss of death for episodic tv where every event seems a disconnected “day-in-the life” of the main characters. Here, continuity matters and you’ll be spoiled for other shows.

Just about every critic’s gushed over this series: on Salon and over at Time, there’s Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide. Now that season three’s underway (at least in North America), I’m happy to say that the show’s continuing to pay off for viewers with political complexity and gut-wrenching suspense.

There’s a silly music video on the official site that lays out the differences between old and new in broad terms. And if you’re at all interested, you can start by downloading the first two seasons from iTunes or grabbing the DVD sets of BSG Season 1, BSG Season 2.0 and BSG Season 2.5. With all these ways to get caught up with the show, there’s no reason not to get caught up in the storyline. See you in the fandom!

3 Responses to “BSG!”

  1. Susan Says:

    We’ve just started watching this: we’re waiting impatiently for the next disk to come from Netflix. I wonder how many other of the blogs I read are BSG fans, too.

  2. Sneadwoman Says:

    I’m caught up! I am IN LOVE!

  3. ancarett Says:

    Hooray for the BSG love, all around!