Disappearing Acts

Fall break begins on Monday. But those of you who know the drill realize that, effectively, it began some point on Thursday. Classroom attendance plummets dramatically at the end of the week before a break and my first year class was down about 30% on Thursday. Not a good sign! Thus, I was quite pleased when almost 50% of my Ancient Civilizations students were in class today for a tutorial on Amarna-era imperial relations — beat my colleague’s estimate of 1/3 attendance. How low our standards fall!

On the other hand, I’m looking forward to a productive week ahead. I’ll get through two sets of midterms and a set of short critiques from my graduate students before I disappear, myself, heading off to New Jersey to present at a conference. I need to finish a report on a colleague’s application for T&P, weigh in on the job description for a new t-t line in our department (I know! Isn’t that incredible) and get some more of the new website content uploaded. Through this all, I need to try and refresh myself. Term’s only halfway over and I don’t want to burn out before the end!

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