Returned from my conference flush with three copies of the published proceedings (one for the library, one for the department display case and one for me). It’s softcover, though, and bound with that slick covering that discolours, ever so slightly, at the least bit of skin oil.

Oh, that pains me so. I rub at the residue, hoping to remove it but it never completely disappears. I feel rather like Lady Macbeth. Out, damned spot!

I know it’s silly, but I like my books perfect and untouched. I’ve conceded to the necessity of writing my name on the flyleaf, given the many books that I lend out, each year, to students or colleagues. I shudder at the thought of highlighting. And don’t even get me started with the concept of dog-earing! Bah! I only wish I could keep my books looking perfect forever while reading them regularly. Not possible, I know, but I’ll keep on trying!

5 Responses to “Bibliobsessive”

  1. New Kid on the Hallway Says:

    Heh - my books would drive you nuts. I completely mark up everything and scribble in the margins! Of course, it’s partly b/c I suck at taking real notes, so I just use the book itself instead.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Oh the horror! New Kid on the Hallway should be flogged. I agree with you kiddo about keeping books pristine. I only wish others who borrow items felt the same way :-(

  3. Another Damned Medievalist Says:

    I do some of that, too, NK!

  4. New Kid on the Hallway Says:

    Don’t worry, I would never mark up SOMEONE ELSE’s book!

  5. ancarett Says:

    Don’t worry, NK — I would never picture you marking up someone else’s book. I just find myself a bit perplexing at my personal, deep mental block to adding my own marginalia. Give me a post-it note and no problem, but actually marking up the book gives me the willies!