Music Acquired

  1. “Weird Al” Yankovic — Straight Outta Lynwood (last copy in the store!)
  2. Neil Young & Crazy Horse — Rust Never Sleeps
  3. The Police — Every Breath You Take (replacing an old LP
  4. Simple Plan — Still Not Getting Any. . .
  5. Various Artists — Now Christmas 2
  6. Various Artists — Season’s Greetings 2 (It has the Bing Crosby & David Bowie “Little Drummer Boy” — yay!)

Currently burning all the CDs to my PC so the girls and I can update our MP3 playlists!

3 Responses to “Music Acquired”

  1. Anastasia Says:

    i. need. weird. al

  2. ancarett Says:

    Weird Al is excellent although it is sad that the “White and Nerdy” video isn’t on the DVD!

  3. Barbara Says:

    Xmas music must be in the air sis! I just got Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Celebration and Frank Sinatra The Christmas Collection! I must get a copy of the Bing Crosby & David Bowie “Little Drummer Boy”. Remember watching that on TV as a little girl.