Eldest awoke this morning, violently nauseated, no doubt caused by her cold and drainage. She’s spending the day at home, sniffling (usually dutifully into some Kleenex) and feeling sorry for herself.

Us? We’ve juggled just fine. I taught two classes, met with five students and wrote up the scholarship rankings that are due this week. Ducked out on the otherwise interesting lunchtime department colloquia in favour of finishing the rankings while I could. Then I headed home to tag team Mike so he could walk one dog and get himself into work. After that, a quick walk to the corner store for ginger ale was my detour on the way to pick up youngest from her school. For once, she didn’t howl at the prospect of walking home. Now both kids are settled in, I’ve surfed some blogs (check out the latest over at Bitch Ph.D.: Opting Out’s a Shitty Option), started dinner and done some more marking.

Still all those freshman midterms to mark. *sigh* Well, sufficient unto the day and all that. I’ll get to those after supper time.

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