Much Marking

Still here. Still marking: I’m behind three sets of tutorial responses in my largest class, several weeks of presentation marks in the senior seminar and the bibliographies for my graduate students. And in forty minutes it’s off to another meeting.

Busy, busy, busy! I’ll be saying that through Christmas, I suspect, as my last exam is scheduled for 19 December. I have to update the page count to reflect the rest of this week’s throughput: the numbers are mounting, although not quite so rapidly as last term (thanks to fewer students and more judiciously assigned writing tasks). I wish I could manage this entire marking process better, but I’ll have to settle for what I can actually do rather than the ideals I can only dream about!

Don’t forget that next Wednesday (eep!) I’ll be hosting the next Teaching Carnival. Submissions are gratefully accepted as I’m going to be struggling to put that out at the same time as I push all this marking through.

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