Dogs in the Manger

We have two dogs. Two dogs who both want the other dog to be jealous of whatever they have. Two dogs who define their own happiness in the unhappiness of others.

To wit: give each dog a rawhide bone stuffed with processed cheese and each will warily eye the other before diving after the other’s bone. Give each dog a rawhide strip and one will chew with enthusiasm only when the other is watching. Watch one get bored and drop its chew toy, then watch the other dog swoop in and take it to the whining complaint of the first. It’s endlessly fascinating if occasionally frustrating, mostly because, when one dog feels robbed, it comes to me for redress.

Still, you know what? If I were a psychology professor, I’d want to be this man!

3 Responses to “Dogs in the Manger”

  1. Chaser Says:

    Mine do this, too. A toy can sit there for weeks until somebody picks it up. Then we gotta get into a dustup over it. Being the alpha is a pain sometimes.

  2. Ozymandia Says:

    We have 2 cats and 1 dog. The dog will gladly ignore the cats up until the point when one of the cats decides they want attention. The dog wilol pick that very moment to stop napping, run over, and beg for attention herself.

    The alternative is to substitue attention for food, and the same thing applies all over again. ;)

  3. Alice Says:

    My two cats act the same. :)