Paradigm Shift

A month ago, I envisoned next year having the opportunity to teach the much-requested late medieval survey for the first time in five years. And maybe, just maybe, I would not be teaching an overload (paid but still not attractive since I really should be writing for publication, you know). Maybe someone else would teach the graduate methods course!

Two days ago, I realized that the graduate methods overload was inevitable, but still hoped that maybe the medieval survey course was in my future.

Today, I realize that I’ll not only teach the overload, but I’ll teach the whole year, not just one term of western civ. And the medieval survey? Not going to happen.

Wait ’til I break it to the students. . . .

3 Responses to “Paradigm Shift”

  1. Another Damned Medievalist Says:

    That totally sucks. Can’t you get an adjunct for the Civ and teach the medieval?

  2. Barbara Says:

    Right on ADM! Listen to your colleague sis! They have the right idea.

  3. ancarett Says:

    /em looks around at the desolate landscape wherein not a single history Ph.D. or even ABD can be found

    The university also has told us that we will get zero overloads for our undergrad program because they’re giving us a new tenure-track appointment, so we can’t do anything that way. Even if we could, a few thousand here and there for courses isn’t going to be enough to attract someone all the way up to semi-remote mining centre.

    So, I’m officially screwed. On the bright side, as graduate program coordinator, who do you think has first dibs on the TAs? Hee!