That would be the rear end of our car today, slightly before noon. Stopping to let an screaming ambulance through the cross-intersection earned us a crumpled rear-end on our minivan. The woman whose truck slammed into us was apologetic, accepts the blame and all that. Still — an hour out of the day to report the accident at the police collision centre (far out of town), another half hour on the phone with the insurance company, another half hour to arrange for a body shop and rental car (none of which can be accessed until Monday morning) and we’re officially peeved because we know that the headaches are far from over.

The important thing? No one was hurt. The car can be fixed. The annoyance to our schedules can be managed. Still? Wish it hadn’t happened.

3 Responses to “Kee-runch!”

  1. What Now? Says:

    Well, crud — no fun at all. I’m glad no one was hurt, but I fear that you are right and that the headaches will continue. Rats.

  2. meg Says:

    Oh, man, that blows. Just the subject line gives me that pit-of-the-stomach feeling.

    If the rear-endress is a nice person, perhaps it will only be moderate annoyance and not a major one.

  3. bright star (B*) Says:

    How scary! I’m glad you are okay. What a pain, though. :(