Next week will be the last of my graduate seminars. They’re a joy to teach but I run straight from those high-intensity sessions to a lecture course in a complete different field (ancient Near East) which requires me to really be “on” as we work through subjects far outside my normal comfort zone (today? The Lydians and the early Persian Empire!).

Next week will see the end of all of my courses since I don’t teach any full year courses. All of my courses have been converted over to term length courses for added flexibility (on my part and on the students’ part). So, no medieval survey: there’s an early medieval and a late medieval survey; no early modern Britain seminar: there’s Tudor and Stuart seminars. Makes things more flexible. Makes me have to grade things more quickly. Makes me need to remember to post the reading lists.

Makes next term a blank slate for the new courses and enrollments to manage!

In other news? We have a rental car and our minivan’s in the shop, looking at a replacement bumper and liftgate. What fun!

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