Must be kidding!

Email received from another department today (7 December) at 2:13pm, opened at 4:10pm, regarding a program with which I have a very tenuous connection (I occasionally teach one course which is cross-listed in their program):

In August 2006 I requested information in order to complete the ##### ###### Program Review. We are now asking that you send the following information by December 8, 2006:

#1 Current CV - in Institutional format if possible
-indicating any research funding you have received in the last 5 years
-current teaching loads
-number of students you have supervised over your career (both undergraduate and graduate theses)
-number of students currently supervising

#2- Indicate whether or not you plan on retiring within the next 5 years.

Only problem? I don’t recall receiving this request in August, 2006. Nor do I have a copy of the institutionally formatted version of the CV handy at this exact instant. So, it’s not going to happen, is it? You know, if they’d sent this a few days before the deadline, they might have gotten a better response.

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