Reports from Beyond

Beyond the grave? No. Beyond the marking wall? Not quite. A big chunk of the marking has been completed. The first set of grades will be submitted tomorrow morning. The second set should follow within twenty four hours. The third set? Simultaneously! The fourth set? God only knows. I am still rather sleep deprived since youngest was sick to her stomach in the early hours of Monday morning and I went for 21 hours flat out.

In other news, much of our time the past three days has been consumed with a plumbing problem. Suffice it to say that after four visits by plumbers and sewer technicians, removal of part of the basement carpet and the renting of a circular saw, we now have a fully capable and working drain again. Let the laundry begin (again)!

2 Responses to “Reports from Beyond”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Hang in there sis! At least Christmas is coming. I promise you will get some good gifts!

  2. Bill Says:

    Could the plumbing tech use the tool setv that you won at the party ?????

    The wreath looks pretty good.