More Fun With Students

Received an email from a student in my senior seminar class whose exam was set yesterday evening. You can tell where this is going already, can’t you?

Hi. You won’t believe what I did… I thought the exam was tonight. As i was walking past the exam schedule in the library, i checked to make sure it was in the gym and I noticed the date said yesterday. then I freaked. I don’t if there is any way around this, but im hoping to god there is. I don’t know anyone in the class so I guess that’s why when i figured it was today, i never heard otherwise. Unless my estimations are way off, I think I pass the class even if I have a 0 on the final but that is still bad. Is there any way for me to get this fixed? I can write the exam whenever you want and you can put anything you want on it, doesn’t even have to be course related. haha, as long as I can get at least some marks. Please let me know what I can do, to waste this class when I had around grade going in would be terrible. Thanks in advance, student

I could be truly evil, of course, and just say “No.” But then it’s likely to spiral out with whines going up the ladder to the chair, dean and registrar culminating with my being directed to set a final exam at the latter’s convenience. Still, I let the student stew for a while before letting the student know I’d set a make-up at my convenience in the new year. And I don’t need anyone’s permission to write anything I want on it, no sirree!

8 Responses to “More Fun With Students”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Explain to me how students can be so out of touch to get the wrong date? How will they ever work in the real world?

  2. Poycer Says:

    It gets even better when a parent gets involved and tries to defend their clueless offspring. I had a student miss a 10 AM final exam. He showed up at my office that afternoon and explained that he had overslept. I refused to let him take the final, which dropped his grade from a B to a D. A little while later, Clueless’s father called me and explained that his son has a “problem” with getting up in the morning. When I suggested that they might contact our Disabled Student Services office to see what kind of help they could offer, Dad backpedaled and said, “Well, it’s not something that’s been diagnosed by a doctor or anything like that.”

    I wonder the same thing as Barbara. How would an employer handle this kind of “problem” with getting up in the morning?

  3. ancarett Says:

    That is a good question and one I will put to the student for consideration. Once I decide when and what I will question in the make-up exam.

  4. Ozymandia Says:

    I’d give extra deductions for grammar/punctuation/capitalisation. Just for fun. ;)

  5. Another Damned Medievalist Says:

    Well, one very bright student I know did this in a friend’s class this year. The student works three jobs, and plays a sport, and knew when and where the final was — just got the day wrong (as in, knew it was on the Tuesday, but lost a day in between studying and working).

    We had even more fun at SLAC — an adjunct instructor walked into my room while my students were taking their exam, and tried to order all of us out. The exam schedule had been revised somewhere around week 6, and the adjunct swore she’d never been told — although the students should have known. I walked her down to the Registrar’s office to help her get a room, but was a little surprised by the whole thing.

  6. klk Says:

    In college, the students know they can get away with some amount of slacking and/or screwing up. In a “real” job, they will know they can only get away with a very small amount, and their behavior will adjust. I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s just how it is.

  7. PhilosopherP Says:

    When I was a Sophamore, I showed up on the wrong day — because my lazy prof didn’t erase the “Final exam, X day, X time” from the board that was there from the previous class…. so I showed up for their final.

    What really sucked was that they gave me a make-up and then never changed my grade. Of course, I had no proof that I wrote the blue book as they requested –

  8. Mamacita Says:

    Oh, you are way nicer than I am.

    A student told me that he was taking all of his finals on Friday, the last day of the semester, because it was so much more convenient for him that way.

    Our class met on Monday/Wednesday, and the final was Monday.

    He TOLD me, he didn’t ask me.

    Student: I’m having some trouble with a couple of profs about taking all my exams on Friday, in the Testing Center, but I didn’t think you’d mind because you’re so nice.

    Me: Think again.